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    Rock Salt and Salt Lamp   

    Since Çankırı is very rich in rock salt, it is not only used to flavour food, but also to produce various souvenirs and decorative objects. 

    The salt lamp is a type of decorative lamp, which is believed to be healthy. It is obtained by placing a light bulb or candle inside a block of rock salt in its raw form.  


    The geographical structure of the BayramörenÇerkeş, and Ilgaz Districts is very suitable for paragliding, especially for long-distance flights, called cross country

    The World Cup Preparation Competitions and Türkiye Championship Finals where held in the Bayramören District. And the Pre-Paragliding World Cup- (Pre-PWC) Paragliding Competitions were held in Çerkeş Işık Mountain and Ilgaz Osmangöl

    Additionally, pilots who are interested in paragliding come to BayramörenÇerkeş, and Ilgaz districts as groups, especially during the summer season, and make individual flights.