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    Like every region, Çankırı has its own dishes. Local dishes of Çankırı, which include wheat and wheat products, have the characteristics of Central Anatolian dishes.   

    Cimcik Dough Soup

    This soup, which is prepared by blending dough pieces called Cimcik, whith yoghurt, butter, and spices, is one of the delicious local soups of Çankırı.

    Tatar Dough Soup

    This soup, which is made of lentils, noodles, tomato paste, butter, and many other ingredients, has an interesting flavour, served with garlic yoghurt after cooking. We recommend you to give it a try when you come to Çankırı.

    Garlic Meat

    It is one of the most delicious meat dishes, and is prepared with meat cubes, onion, and tomato paste, but this dish has a star player: Unpeeled Garlic!

    Yaren Güveci

    This delicious meal, in which meat cubes are cooked together with various vegetables, gets its taste from both its abundant ingredients and the clay pot, in which it is prepared. If you get the chance, you should definitely try this dish, which is essential for Çankırı.


    Mıkla, one of the most delicious forms of preparing eggs, is also one of the essential items of breakfast tables in Çankırı. Mıkla, which is a very practical food for breakfast, is served by pouring yoghurt over roasted eggs.

    Yazma Çöreği

    This is one of the delicious pastries of Çankırı, and you should definitely try. This famous pastry is prepared by adding walnuts in the yeast dough that is folded and oiled, is cooked in the oven and then sliced in portions.


    Hameyli, one of the local desserts of Çankırı, is a dessert prepared by putting walnuts in the dough opened by hand, closing it in the form of an amulet. It is soaked in sugar syrup after baking. Although Hameyli is a difficult dessert to make, it leaves a delicious taste in your mouth.